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    FAQ’s About UniFi

    • Kalao saya register online di MyBroadbandPackage sini, apa charges yang nak dibayar?

      FREE Registration & Zero Processing Fees by MyBroadbandPackage, TM Authorized Dealer

    • Apa procedure kalao saya minat register di MyBroadbandPackage website sini?

      • 1. Submit details Name, IC, Email, Alamat.
      • 2. Submit IC photocopy depand dan belankang.
      • 3. Submit bill Api atau bill Api photocopy.
    • TM Unifi ambil berapa masa untuk pemasangan?

      Biasa kalao document dan details lengkap, TM Unifi dapat dipasang dalam 1 to 3 hari.

    • Pemasangan TM Unifi ada apa charges yang nak dibayar?

      – Standard Installation Fees – FREE*
      – Non-Standard Installation Fees – RM50 to RM150, or else*
      Installer will judge if that is Standard / Non-Standard Installation and quote upon they reach your premises.
      Guide Line

    • TM Unifi Packages ada services contract?

      Yes, semua TM Unifi Packages ada 24 bulan contract.